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Author Topic: Start here - Show Everyone What You Are Working On  (Read 3097 times)


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Start here - Show Everyone What You Are Working On
« on: August 18, 2015, 07:50:50 pm »

Showoff - What Are You Working On

[paragraph:3i6gmlzw]You can use this board to show people your work. To get feedback and also inspire others.
You have 2 options.

Own Thread

Create an own post for your showoff where you can discuss and edit the main post during your work progress. Please use the tag system to mark your post!

[SHOWOFF] What Are You Working On

Or if you just want to show something quick you can use the [SHOWOFF] What Are You Working On endless post.[/paragraph:3i6gmlzw]


[paragraph:3i6gmlzw]Make sure to only use them for tiny or small things![/paragraph:3i6gmlzw][paragraph:3i6gmlzw]If it's big you can create a video, upload it to dropbox/youtube/vimeo/whatever and put the link into [media] tags.[/paragraph:3i6gmlzw]
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