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December 01, 2020, 03:37:44 pm

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Author Topic: [RELEASE] [WotLK] Shadowlands LoginScreen  (Read 376 times)


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[RELEASE] [WotLK] Shadowlands LoginScreen
« on: November 07, 2020, 06:37:51 pm »
for those who are interested, I found character creation as in shadowlands for wotlk.
on the standard client of the game it works crookedly and with errors.

fixed, works like in shadowlands.

p.s. if your localization of the game is not English then edit the file GlueStrings.lua which is in mpq

Upd.The .mpq no longer has a GlueStrings.lua file, instead the localization of a pair of buttons and actions is in CharacterCreate.lua

Update 2. Now if a certain class is not available for a given race, then there will no longer be a description in it, but only an inscription about the change of race.

Update 3. Fixed a bug where, when a class is not available for this race, the description of another class was not for this class.

Update 4. Small edits for localization. Adding the start screen from the shadowlands.Also added to the archive wow.exe in case you don't have it or the game doesn't work.
Update 5. Changed Login Screen, now it looks like original, not enlarged.
Download link:

p.s. Several screenshots of the interface have been added for clarity.

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