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October 30, 2020, 06:08:32 am

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Author Topic: Bottom up wow server.  (Read 642 times)


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Bottom up wow server.
« on: April 03, 2020, 05:11:10 pm »
So before I start with my list of questions and an outline of my goals let me preface by saying that I have limited personal modding experience but I have a vision outlined on paper complete with sketches and written ideas and quite a bit of a money I'm willing spend on this.

Q1: Is it possible remove the entire world map on a vanilla server and replace it with a new smaller map that will include 1 large 10 zone continent and 1 smaller 3 zone continent.

Q2: How labor intensive would that portion of the project be?

Q3: How much realistically would it cost to outsource that?

Q4: Is it possible to make the max level for characters 200 but have stats stop at level 50?

Q5: Is it possible to have a loot box be awarded for every level after 50 as well as a specific currency to be used to buy advanced bonuses.

Q6: Is it possible to remove the horde faction and allow Orcs to be a playable race for Alliance.

Q7: Is it possible to replace the green skin playable Orcs with the brown skinned Orcs from later editions of the game so that the green skins can be used as evil NPC Orcs only.

Q8: Is it possible to change the xp chart so that each level 51 through 200 are all the same amount of xp required to level?

Q9: I want to make a classless server where you earn currency through leveling and spend that currency on skills that abilities, how hard would that be to implement?

Q10: I want to created a single talent tree that unlocks at level 50 instead of level 10 and has custom talents that you can use your advanced mastery points to purchase, how difficult would that be to implement?

Q11: Is it possible to build completely new instances, I don't think I would mind using instance maps and assets so much as long as they were mostly new content minus the maps, how difficult would that be to implement?

Q12: How hard would it be to implement full open PvP like in Garubashi Arena across the entire small continent?

Q13: How hard is it to implement gear drop in PvP?

Q14: How hard would it be to change the Honor system?

I've got more questions but these will do for now. Thank you for your help and consideration.  I look forward to reading your replies.