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Author Topic: Modcraft Tutorial > Start here - Introducing and index  (Read 19263 times)


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Modcraft Tutorial > Start here - Introducing and index
« on: October 25, 2012, 03:14:47 am »


This tutorial is still under development. If you read the first parts of the tutorial, it will really help you out. Please give feedback if you donĀ“t understand some parts of this tutorial.

WoW modding is a challenging and wide area. For this reason, much reading will be necessary to really get into it and avoid many problems you can run into. I will try to give you every important piece of information in this tutorial series you'll need to start your modding work, as briefly as possible. Modding can be hard, but if you really want to get into it, take your time and follow guidelines. It will prevent you from making mistakes and wasting a lot of time in the future.

Please read the formatting hints below the index!


    * 00 - Introducing and index
01 - Overview how WoW modding works
* 02 - Setup the tutorial material
* 03 - Setup local Trinity testserver
* 04 - Your first island in Noggit
* 05 - Create first MPQ patch and get ingame
* 06 - Texturing with the predefined 4 layer system
* 07 - Editing textures with alpha export/import
* 08 - Holes and impassable tools
* 09 - Water script in depth
* 10 - Add a full new map from scratch
* 11 - Add new maptiles to an existing map
* Part 12 comming soon!
* 13 - Ground effects

Text formatting

I will use the following formatting rules in the series. This will organize stuff and help make the tutorial shorter.

Two spiky brackets at the start of a line mark a user action:
>>  Open your door and get out if the sun is shining <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

A path on your harddrive will be written in a single line and formatted bold:

If you should select an option from an application menu this is formatted like this.
For example you should open the File menu and select New.
MENU > File > New

Technical Information is quoted:
It is dangerous to place your socks on the bed or on couch corners, because there you often find an entrance to the bad sock dimension and clothes. Once past this boarder you are lost forever. That's why you always will have single socks in your cupboard. So take care where you place your stuff.

Code block for XML, LUA or c++ code:
Code: [Select]
function WorldMapFrame_Update()
local mapFileName, textureHeight = GetMapInfo();
if ( not mapFileName ) then
if ( GetCurrentMapContinent() == WORLDMAP_COSMIC_ID ) then
mapFileName = "Cosmic";
-- Temporary Hack (Temporary meaning 2 yrs, haha)
mapFileName = "World";

Taken from original Blizzard file. Read the comment ;)

And now lets start the tutorial!

Next > 01 - Overview how WoW modding works
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