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October 16, 2019, 05:47:18 am

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Author Topic: Noggit - Black Screen - Everything  (Read 236 times)


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Noggit - Black Screen - Everything
« on: April 08, 2019, 01:45:06 pm »
Hello there, im running into a problem now. I have not had this problem before, until i copy pasted another noggit 3.2614 into another folder...

Here is the problem, I choose my custom map, and then all i see is black, once i choose the ADT in noggit.
Here is a picture of the map, The Colors is there because im in "areaId Paint" to show were the land is.

Note: This is the same for the already ingame maps, Not just my custom maps. So it must be something with the noggit itself im sure.

If you want to know anything more, let me know

Thanks in Advance!

- Chris

EDIT: I fixed it, Just needed to add all my dbcs in the noggit /path folder... i just had map.dbc & aretable.dbc in there. works now
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Re: Noggit - Black Screen - Everything
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 06:42:20 am »
Is it like this on other maps? or only the ones you create yourself?

If not, and you only see this on your own maps. then you have a problem i had ages ago. Basically i assume you are adding maps the old way, With taliis. Which is super messy and works for some and doesnt work for others.

I had these similar issues before as i said and i today have no problems creating maps. This is highly because there is a package with tools now that easily creates the maps for you and takes way less time to setup.
- You can find these tools here:
If you need any kind of guides go here:

These are the folders from the tool pack that you downloaded, which are:
  • AdtAdder
  • ADTGrids
  • FuTa
  • GroundEffects
  • GruulMeWDT
  • Rius Zone Masher
  • WdtSupplies

Out of these you only need AdtAdder & Rius Zone Masher.
Simply go to "AdtAdder", Launch "ADT_Adder.exe"
Source ADT: press "Browse" and select "WotLKTemplateADT_0_0.adt" from the same folder.
Map Name: Name of the map you want to call it(not the final name that will show up ingame, just a definition for the DBC files to locate the map later on)
ADT from: 1, 1 (This are the numbers of where it should start creating the map from.)
ADT to: 10, 10 (This are the numbers where it should go to and end at.)


ADT from: 1, 5
ADT to: 10, 10

You will start building maps from and to

If this in some way makes sense to you. i usually do
From: 1_1
To: 8_10

This is a huge map which allows me to expand and get used to the software. And if you ever need to add more space, you can just copy and paste this example above and then just use Rius Zone Masher to clip them together.[/list]