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April 04, 2020, 12:59:39 pm

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Author Topic: WTB knowledgeable developers  (Read 461 times)


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WTB knowledgeable developers
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:18:24 am »

[This is not only a paid opportunity for those seeking to just make stuff on the fly and sell it to me, but also a chance for those of you who want to join on instead of freelance, you are also welcome and will accrue ingame benefits for as long as you volunteer to be a part of the staff team. Please note this server while it appears to need a lot is actually pretty close to the initial release and some of what I desire will be used for future patches and more content rollouts. Thanks for opening the thread, and now for the ad! :)]

Hey everybody, It's yo boy Crow back at it again with a pocket full of money, a mind full of fun private server concepts and a virtually nonexistent amount of people helping out with development.

So, I tell people this a lot but if YOU are experienced in the following, then YOU qualify to inherit some of these
[Fat Stacks]:

  • BlizzCMS/graphics/webdesign
  • Quest creation via SQL and either C++ or Lua (dont just want grab and stabs)
  • Spell Scripting (something I myself am a tad weak at) via C++
  • Spell Design via .dbc editing, C++ scripting like above, and or conceptual design (already have someone for this but Id love to give him someone to help as its slow)
  • Dungeon and Raid AI and conceptual design (Lua or C++ both acceptable but the AI has to be interesting, hence the concept design requirement, dont worry I can guide that)
  • Clientside Lua and XML edits and additions
  • Spell visual creation and retro-porting m2s and wmos, skins, ect from other expansions or by hand via blender, Maya, ect
  • General C++ and knowledge of Trinitycore API
  • Story writing for the Lore (must also include another skill listed above)
Providing you're not just able to take orders and program then, but also have a creative enough mind to create workarounds or help troubleshoot if shit goes south or take creative liberties.

Honestly, Chances are if you have an emulation skill, I may pay to use it as I myself am only a single person, Im not just paying for experience but also manpower.

If you think you'd like to make some cash and can contribute, feel free to shoot me an email or join discord and PM me:

Email: []
Discord: []PM Crow

Thanks for the time, I sincerely hope to make some new friends and partners.