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Author Topic: Retro porting from legion to wotlk  (Read 4581 times)


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Retro porting from legion to wotlk
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:27:42 am »
Items -
1. Find the item you want on wow head
2. Using inspect, find the name of the item from its icon, they always(from what I've seen) share the same name as the model.
3. Using CASCExplorer, go into items/objectcomponents/(then what ever folder) if you want a weapon go into the weapon, if you want a shield go into the shield.
4. Gather the files for he model, the .m2, .skin, .blp
5. Extract the files to the converter, I recommend multiconvertor.
6. Open the multiconvertor, and drag all of the model files into it.
7. And convert
8. Move the model files back to your wow client, and create a patch, if you will be constantly working on the patch I recommend making a folder patch, you just create a folder and call it patch-X.mpq.
9. Either go to your private server dbc folder, or go into your clients, patch-enXX-3.mpq.
10. Extract the itemdisplayinfo.dbc to your patch, then using a dbc editor, open it up, and scroll all the way to the bottom.
11. Copy the very bottom row, then column 1, you put the file name, but replace the .m2 with .mdx, column 2,is the same as 1, but for extra models, such as for shoulders, column 3 and 4, these are the texture columns, you put the model texture, the .blp file, but remove the .blp extension.
Then it's as simple as assigning the display I'd to a item in your dB.

*more will be added, and along with pictures