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Duplicate feature behavior

I added a new shortcut (ctrl + b) to noggit lately that duplicates the selected model.
Like ctrl + c and ctrl + v but in one step.
There are multiple posibillities to do the implementation and  I want to ask you how it should work.

1. Should it duplicate the model on the source model position or on the cursor position. Second way you can already place it where you want and save one step?

2. Should duplicate also copy the model to the clipboard so you can add this a second time by pressing ctrl + v or should duplication not change the clipboard?

1. I'd preffer possibility to actually choose from those two. Some checkbox "duplicate on cursor" or whatever like that.

2. Idk, I probably wouldn't touch clipboard with duplication.

Btw, thing which is for example in Maya - shift+in our case B duplicates model AND remembers transition and rotation changes done to new duplicate. Following shift+B presses duplicate model with those transition and rotation changes already applied. This is the way in which one can make for example stairs out of individual models.

MR. Farrare:
it would be cool if there is an option or checkbox indead
but if there is to key like ctrl v for a thing and ctrl b for another would be cool too

I already implemented the new ctrl + b key. The question is how it should work.
Overwrite the ctrl + c or not
Past copy at cursor or at source model position.

i feel like having the ctrl-b replace ctrl-c/ctrl-v, would only cause it to be annoying when you accidently have an object already selected and press it. (which would remove the previous clipboard you had).

But i do like the idea of it being a seperate quick-key. :O

on another note (should probably be in the sugestions tab but oh well sorry D:), have you considered adding the feature of selecting multiple objects to move/copy at the same time. This would be handy for making symetrical builds and such. :)


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