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July 03, 2020, 06:37:44 pm

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Author Topic: [Question] [WotLk] Being inside a WMO from Cata+ hide the exterior ?  (Read 1171 times)


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Hi guys,

I have a bug from a long time and I was trying to solve it with some work, but I don't seem to really even know where to search (already looked at the wiki for the WMOv17 and the group/root and I have all the templates for 010).

It basically cause to being unable to see the exterior of the WMO when you're in certain parts of the WMO.

Here's a screenshot for more explanations :

I have already tried to change some values like the flags and other one in the MOGP and MOGI structs and checked in either the GROUP and the ROOT but nothing seem to touch on this line of sight problem.

If someone have informations on this, even a little clue would be nice at my point. :)

Regards !
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Re: [Question] [WotLk] Being inside a WMO from Cata+ hide the exterior ?
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2017, 02:37:44 pm »
To me this seems like incorrectly working portal plane. I'd ask Skarn.
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Re: [Question] [WotLk] Being inside a WMO from Cata+ hide the exterior ?
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2017, 02:58:43 pm »
From quakenet#modcraft:

14:44 <@schlumpf> Deamon_, Skarn
14:51 < Skarn> :(
14:52 < Skarn> We do not know something about pre-cata portals it seems
14:55 < Deamon_> No, I think it's just incorrectly placed portal
14:55 < Deamon_> Probably the Normal (A,B,C) part of plane equation is correct, but there is an issue with D
14:56 < Deamon_> Also, it _might_ be some issues with flags: the ones that control "indoor\outdoor" thing
14:57 < Deamon_> And the last, the portal relation might be incorrect: leading to the WMO, that has no
                 "outdoor" flag
14:57 < Deamon_> That's my suspects
14:59 < Skarn> @Deamon_ not that
14:59 < Skarn> That data is equal to original model
15:00 < Skarn> Flags are alright
15:00 < Skarn> The only thing that could be different is order of MOPR entries
15:00 < Skarn> That is what I am suspecting
15:01 < Skarn> Also this bug happens on some retroported WMOs from cata+ expansions
15:08 < Deamon_> Skarn: but... I just want to make sure you're aware that MOGP
         has "Index into the MOPR chunk" and "Number of items
                 used from the MOPR chunk" fields. These fields control which and how many portal relations
                 from WMO root file are used by GroupWMO
15:09 < Skarn> Deamon, first used mopr index + nMOPR_indices?
15:10 < Deamon_> Sorry, could you rephrase?
15:11 < Skarn> One field: index of first root mopr entry used in this group. Secons field: number od mopr
               entries used
15:11 < Skarn> Is that correct?
15:11 < Deamon_> yes
15:12 < Skarn> Then it is fine too
15:12 < Deamon_> hm... then I'm out of ideas
15:12 < Skarn> Me too
15:12 < Skarn> If it was that simple, I'd not ask
15:13 < Skarn> Given 90% of portals work, it is even more weird
15:13 < Skarn> It jusy happens when you see another portal through a portal
15:13 < Skarn> just*
15:16 < Deamon_> Btw, I think in near future I will make changes to my app that will allow to load unarchived
                 files from disk. Mightbe good for modders to test their custom M2\WMO (not that my own app
                 do not have bugs)
15:17 < Skarn> Hmm interesting
15:18 < Deamon_> This will allow people to test their portals too. Though I have a several know places in
                 Stromwind, where my implementation fails to proper cull(culls too much)
15:28 < Skarn> Those passages too?
15:28 < Skarn> I also have issues with a big portal in the sky over trade quarter
15:28 < Skarn> I don't see it at all
15:29 < Skarn> Even the geometry is noy rendered
15:29 < Skarn> But its mopr (there is only one) and mopt are 100 the same as in the original model

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Re: [Question] [WotLk] Being inside a WMO from Cata+ hide the exterior ?
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2017, 09:43:03 pm »
I tried to figure out what could possibly go wrong with your informations, but I just can't understand the problem. Tried to check nearly all the data with compare on 101 for the concerned structs but nothing really specific.

I drop the idea of fixing it for now.
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