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"Retro-Porting" / [Fixed] Stuck on some tests (unable to download 7.3.5)
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:32:41 pm »
Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you had a 7.3.5 wow version or 8.0 BFA beta version since I don't have mine anymore, it's just for the file environments\stars\argus_nethersky02.m2 (with its two skin files) since I have to do somes testing but i'm unable to use the live version with the texture pathing being fucked up and no converter working on this issue afaik.

Thanks in advance to anyone doing this for me.

Hello there.

I was looking on the Saurfang's model and was bothered by his gigantic spaulder, so I had in mind to edit it, since it's not a submeshe I had to convert it with M2modRedux and import it as a M2i in blender.

While I edited tons of weapons to remove the physic elements from them (having those unmoving thing bother me like hell) I never tried to edit a big model, with animations and all.

I tried anyway, and in the end, the model works, but all the animations are completely doomed, at best when they works, they're not correct (like laughing when I jump, well I laughed too so it's something), at worst, I got a mesh explosion and thus, wow error.

I looked in the model and it miss a big, big part of it's data. I had no error while I imported and Exported with both M2Mod and Blender.

I use M2ModRedux 4.6.1 and Blender 2.73

So, my question is : Did I failed somewhere, and if it's the case, how do you edit it without destroying the model afterward ?

Regards :)

Hello guys,

I wanted to create some interactives events (like Ahhn'Qiraj war effort in classic or Shattered sun offensive in tbc) and I got a look at Game_event_condition and Game_event_quest_condition, first, they're empty in TLK 3.3.5 for TrinityCore but let's be honest, it doesn't look that hard.

So first I created a Game_Event for the test with the ID 35 (nothing is here for me)
I have set the "world_event" field on 1, and I have added some random big fires into the event, to get a visual information if Yes or No the event is active.

Then I used an old quest (entry : 66016) wich is repeteable as a quest reference for Game_event_quest_condition and I filled the fields like that :

Code: [Select]
eventEntry = 35 | quest = 66016 | condition_id = 50 | num = 1
Then same goes for Game_event_condition like that :

Code: [Select]
eventEntry = 35 | condition_id = 50 | req_num = 2 | max_world_state_field = 4000 | done_world_state_field = 5000 | description = test
And when I restart the server and try to go on the NPC to do the quest : Nothing.

With the informations i've added in the tables, I should see the event 35 appear when I complete the quest 66016 two times.

But even if I complete it one time and go into the Characters.game_event_save, it's empty...

I tried many things without any ideas and Google is pretty cheap in informations about the Game_event_condition system, I even installed a Vanilla and TBC database to check on it if something was going to help me but.. Nope.

So, if someone know anything about that, it would be pretty neat to be able to understand how it works, or why it didn't.. At this point I'll take everything.

Regards !

[EDIT : Solved through eluna code]

Hi guys,

I have a bug from a long time and I was trying to solve it with some work, but I don't seem to really even know where to search (already looked at the wiki for the WMOv17 and the group/root and I have all the templates for 010).

It basically cause to being unable to see the exterior of the WMO when you're in certain parts of the WMO.

Here's a screenshot for more explanations :

I have already tried to change some values like the flags and other one in the MOGP and MOGI structs and checked in either the GROUP and the ROOT but nothing seem to touch on this line of sight problem.

If someone have informations on this, even a little clue would be nice at my point. :)

Regards !

Miscellaneous / [QUESTION] [WotLk] Spell.dbc and SpellMask
« on: January 07, 2017, 06:41:07 am »
Hello guys,

I work on some spells and have fun with the spell effects 107 and 108 (MOD_FLAT_MODIFIER and MOD_PCT_MODIFIER) but I have a problem.

I get the point that the spells are stored by classes with the spell_family and looked into blizzard's spells with SpellWork and found that the spells are stored in a SpellMask (wich is unique for each spell_family, meaning that SpellMask "100" will be different for spell_family Warrior and Priest) but here's my question :

How the hell did I find (or calculate) the SpellMask of the spells I need to be affected by my modifier, I searched and found nothing helpful on the forum.


Hey guys,

I was working around some things and was wondering if the filters of the WhoList (actually Zone, Guildes and Races) could be changed to remove the "Zone" filter and set the Guildes by default ?

Actually I don't really know if it's in the core or the client (To be franc, I think it's both, according to the search button and the visual string)

If someone could help me on this one, i'll be glad.


Showoff - what you are working on / [SHOWOFF] Havre Fusétincelle
« on: February 19, 2015, 01:10:45 pm »
Hi' everyone

Here's a part of our project, an island made by my teammate "Ekk" : "Le Havre Fusétincelle". An goblin's dream island where technology, polution, fauna and flora meeting together.

Hope you'll like it.

Miscellaneous / [QUESTION] WMOAreaTable issue with music in WMO.
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:44:21 am »
Hi everyone.

I'm posting here after a rude work on research with the WMO's music system. And I give up after several weeks of working on it.

I am going to detail every steps I did, if I did something wrong, then, can someone help me ?

Then :

I spawned an WMO on the AREA 326.
The WMO is GuardTower and it's WMOrootID is 111. (HEX : 6F)
I looked in GuardTower000 and 001 and looked for the WMOgroupID and they're 914 and 915. (HEX : 392 & 393)

At this point I'm in the WMOAreaTable.dbc and looked for an same WMOrootID.
Found these :
I created a new one with the exemple of 18222, mine is 52005, but we do not pay it attention IMhO.
I take this one because it's named and the last row on the ROOT is different from the last row on the GROUP.
I changed the irefID AreaTable by the one I wanted => 326. (The tower is spawn on this Area aswell, ofc)

Here's the actual look in the WMOAreaTable.dbc :

So at this point, I created the VMAP and MAP from extractor and everything is OK in game.
The server see the WMO (dismounted when entering in) and the AreaTable is linked correctly on the WMO.
I set my new WMOAreaTable.dbc in my client and on my server. Restarting it.

No music. No, not really, I have the music I wanted on the OUTDOOR side of the WMO. (Was not the case before the editing of the DBC.) but when I enter in the INDOOR side, the beta song come in. Creepy original song of Blizzard for this tower I mean.

Then, I enlarged my research from ... aTable.dbc and ... group_file to this one in addition ... MODF_chunk and found the MODF one had "nameset" in it.

So, I opened my ADT with the tower on it, found the right WMO.
here's the picture of it :
I added "6" in the Nameset. Extracted the Maps and Vmaps again, Reupload them to my server and restarting it.

Nothing change.

Sooo, I'm not the kind of dude who call for help without trying hard.. But really guys, I'm out.

If someone can help me I'll be really happy to learn from my mistake here.
And ofcourse if you can't understand a step, tell me. (I'm not English native, so sorry for the poor english.)

PS : I used the search button, and found this : viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1481 but didn't helped me. :(

TL;DR : I tried very hard with every WIKI and little things I found about Music in WMO, but I dont understand my mistake and need your help.

Thanks in advance !

Resources and Tools / [TOOL] WMV for CASC files.
« on: January 07, 2015, 11:39:33 pm »
Hello Modcraft.

The guy who work on the WMV project is actually updating his WIKI page with the new WMV. And it's supporting CASC files (yes, some bugs are still here, but it's in ALPHA on the WIKI (Scroll down to "Early Access".)

Of course, i'm not the creator nor the guy who updated WMV, just a random dude who seen this, and wanted to share it with some community, you know, sharing.

Here it is : ... del+Viewer

And hope it's help you. And if it was already on the forum, so didn't seen it. But in this case, sorry. (:

Goodbye !

Hi' Modcraft,

here's my very first post about "moding" on something.


Not a real big deal, but i'll be glad if you could say to me what do you think about it. I'm aware about the bad look of the "gems" on the spaulders, but don't really find another way to change them. (They are skulls on Sylvanas)

Best regards.

EDIT : here's the link to the download, it's recolored on a new model. (you have to do the changes in the dbc by yourself). Please do not share it on another site, I want to share this only on ModCraft.

pass : modcraft

Hello Modcraft.

First of all, sorry to be that guy, but I really can't find any cause at my bug... And I have the hope that one of you can say me what I have fucked up with my configurations.

I have the Cata's Goblin Model on my Server (3.3.5a) and I can't understand why my Players (Male and Female) have the pretty well skin without any bugs (The sounds / Animations / Hairstyle etc are O.K.) but the NPC... Are... Pretty weird.

The NPC have the animations of an Cataclysm's Goblin but the skin is the old skin...


(Sorry for my english if i'm bad)

Best regards.

Random / AnthonysToolbox's Youtube account closed...
« on: January 10, 2014, 06:12:16 am »
Hi everyone, i was on a tuto from the Anthony's youtube, and suddenly the video has crashed...

Is it just me, or the AnthonysToolbox's Youtube account is closed ?

Best regards.

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