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Texturing and 2D Art / Re: [QUESTION] Specular Lighting
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:54:42 am »
Quote from: "Amaroth"
Those textures lack _s versions of them.
Based on what he said "even though the files are there." I'm guessing he has in fact created Spec maps for these textures. What that probably means is that they either aren't being converted correctly, or for some reason or other they aren't supported.
My only real suggestion is to go over your entire process, make sure every single detail from start to finish is correct as far as you know and try again. If nothing, share your process and let people pick it apart from possible errors.
That said, if Amoroth is right and you haven't created your own Spec maps, or converted the existing ones, do make sure to check the link he provided as this is a consistently raised topic on the forum, and there's plenty of support to trawl through.

Showoff - what you are working on / Re: Remaking Skyrim Assets for WoW
« on: October 09, 2016, 12:24:05 am »
Quote from: "monoman"
They look awesome. i would like to see some interiors if one day you decide to do some, but as far as i know the interiors are more a group of different parts right?

That's right, they're instanced in skyrim as a seperate "map", honestly I'd planned to use existing interiors from WoW's own buildings adjusted to fit window placement and with a few different textures and doodads, but I'm not really active at the minute because of work, so it might be a while before I update this thread.

Development and Presentation / Re: [PROJECT] [BC] Haradon
« on: April 04, 2016, 02:38:46 am »
Quote from: "Bardh"
The ideas we have for the project in reality are 10x bigger than what I wrote here, but why would I write it when no-one would read a hundred line description? It's not the problem on the project but there is no better way to showoff the project here.

That's not quite true, with proper formatting and good content, people are much more likely to read a 100 line description than a 20 line wall of vague text.

If you have ideas you think would draw attention, don't worry, the right people WILL take the time to read them and it'll only benefit your project and make it seem much more thought out and professional! ^^

Good stuff so far by the way!

Showoff - what you are working on / Remaking Skyrim Assets for WoW
« on: April 02, 2016, 12:22:48 pm »
I recently started to remodel, Re-UV map and retexture Skyrim assets to fit the theme of WoW.
For the most part I've been removing smaller details that won't fit into WoW's cartoon style, modelling new features on that do fit in, and re-accentuating the weights of the Buildings to appear "Heavier", more rounded and less harsh.

A single house so far takes 1-2 days to "fix", so I might be slow to update this post.

I personally won't be using these, they're purely made as an experiment of converting Realism to Cartoon, so I might later release them.

Let me know what you think!

UV's entirely redone
Polycount reduced drastically
Removed noisy details
Extended roofbeam and draped Leather over it for A-Symmetry
Repurposed Thatch Texture from garrisons to reduce Texture Samples.

Farmhouse01 Variation
Tent Texture replaces Woodboards on Walls
Modelled some tusks to replace wooden posts at Entrance
Reuv'd flag to support half-texture banners

UV's entirely redone
Polycount reduced drastically
Removed noisy details
Added leather Rug and wrapped rope around several beams for variation.
Remodelled to appear bottom-heavy.

I think he was referring to a guild reputation of your own creating, a new ID for each guild etc.

His idea for using an item to set those reputations is actually a brilliant idea though, and it could be achieved fairly easily, a way to circumvent the issue of people not using them and as a result having the ability to walk into Enemy AND Friendly cities would be to make the default for all factions Hated, so until they use the item, all cities are hostile.

Other fun but even easier to exploit ideas are the use of Tabards to set Reputation with an Equip effect, or a short quest-line of your design ending with the setting of reputation.

A quest could involve initiation, proving your loyalty to a Guild, or a more fantasy idea such as finding a hidden object that refers to a mysterious collective, and when tracked down, a position being offered possibly after a few more quests to prove loyalty.

Naturally, a guild master or Officer would have to approve the invitation, but that could be done with a few methods, like having the final quest ask you to speak to a high ranking member of the guild to acquire an item for the quest, and the quest reward being a tabard, which would prove they've completed the quest and set their reputation.

I know this isn't maybe the technical information you were hoping for, but I really do hope it helps in the long run!

I looked a little closer and honestly the problem might not be either, the shader for that effect might simply not exist in WotLK. I took a look at your source files and the necessary files all have alpha, so honestly it might be a little more complicated, check out this video explaining Blendflags for more info: (Credit to PhilipTNG ^^)

If anyone knows if this effect is possible in Wrath, feel free to correct me.

Modelling and Animation / Re: [QUESTION] [WotLk] fire raven god m2 files
« on: February 23, 2016, 05:05:37 pm »
Either the model hasn't got the texture flagged as alpha, or you're using a non-alpha compression on your BLP's, which is the more likely one of the two. Check out the readme for BLP converter, and using fresh BLP's convert it to an ARGB supporting compression such as BLP_DXT1_A1 or BLP_DXT3.

Level Design / Re: Just my imagination running wild...
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:57:30 am »
Even with a team of people, this would take a year or two with the current tools - I've definitely thought about making it fly-safe before, unfortunately the guy I was working for at the time really didn't like that idea, and wouldn't let me use time or resources on it.

Honestly, modding WoW and the people who do it are fickle, someone will start this exact project and quit before it's even half way done, only to have another person do exactly the same thing a month later. People take on more than they can handle and overwhelm themselves, it's the bane of modding a game that isnt made to be modded.

That said, this is more than possible, the Cata converting would be somewhat hard though, Gilneas for example has some map properties that can cause problems placed into Wrath :s Still, I've always wanted this done, at least bridging the gaps between zones! ^^

"Retro-Porting" / Re: [QUESTION] Draenai and cape problem
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:30:51 am »
Could well be a skin issue, is your CharSections.dbc correct?

"Retro-Porting" / Re: [QUESTION] Draenai and cape problem
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:12:30 pm »
Looks like the game is culling polygons because the model is over the defined "acceptable" polycount, could also be that you need to recalculate normals on the model, but cape textures are applied with a two-sided flag, so it's unlikely.

Try to decimate the cloak models in Blender, might fix it.

Miscellaneous / Re: [WotLk] [QUESTION] How to delete race
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:22:40 pm »
The link isn't dead, use the Mediafire mirror provided on the post, here:

Don't use Taliis over this method. While I don't like spoonfeeding, this is extremely basic and if I can attempt to answer all your questions, the sooner the better.

Here's an extremely quick guide on deleting entries inside a DBC. (Using DBCUtil/CSVEditor)

Drag/Drop DBC onto DBCUtil.exe - This creates a CSV file.

Open the newly created CSV File with CSVEdit

(If it asks what to open CSV with, direct it to CSVEdit)

Find the race you want to delete, right click it's row and press "Delete Records"

SAVE the file in CSVEdit, then drag/drop the CSV onto DBCUtil again, this will overwrite the old DBC with the new one - done!

Resources to educate yourself further on this:
ChrRaces Expanded

With those two links and the tools provided, you CAN do this yourself easily. ^^
This was written assuming you have no experience at all, apologies if it comes across patronising.

---Also, you can't edit GlueXML without disabling the GlueXML Check in WoW.exe, check out this post to do that.

Miscellaneous / Re: [WotLk] [QUESTION] How to delete race
« on: January 24, 2016, 12:07:56 am »
Quote from: "Simple_Spectr"
It is clear that without XML and Lua does not do . Opening CharBaseInfo.dbc got error , mydbceditor not open the file.   :geek:

MyDBCEditor will not open every file you throw at it - however you can convert .DBC to .CSV and back using DBCUtil and while using CSVEdit to make changes.

CSVEdit and DBCUtil are available here.

Quote from: "spiderwaseem"
I see.
However, setting the gear appearan...

That isn't what he meant, WoW.exe reads the DBC to find which pieces of armour to apply to the model, and then does it, itself. The DBC is just to store the data, the binary interprets it based on it's definition of the file and then uses the data, so I'm not really sure where you were going with that.

As for the camera problem, "SetFaceCustomizeCamera(true)" definitely isn't in 3.3.5, that ones obvious, if there isn't a generic camera switching function (Not saying there isn't, but even if there is, there's no promising it'll work the way you want it) that's compatible with 3.3.5, this again isn't possible.

Switching the background MIGHT work though a little hacky, I think it'd be done in CharacterCreate_Forward() but don't take my word for it.

"MODEL_CAMERA_CONFIG" seems to define "distance" so that's your best lead in my opinion.

I think people are gonna need to know how you tried to implement that code, possibly with snippets and why it didn't work out. Asking for help on a forum is a two way deal, give us what you've got so far, so we don't have to make the same mistakes.

Have you taken a loot at Cataclysms character create XML/LUA? Unfortunately PlayerModel:SetAnimation wasn't added until 5.0.4 so that's why it didn't work, and I can't promise whatever they did in Cataclysm to make it work is in 3.3.5a either, it was a fairly big change from LK to Cata, but it's still your best bet.

Texturing and 2D Art / Re: Recreating Gilneas in Unreal Engine
« on: July 16, 2015, 02:37:09 am »
If LoD on Terrain (They moved away from Terrain and went to Landscape in UDK, so presumably that's ALL they use in UE4) is anything like UDK, it can be nitpicky but doable, not recommending changing it too much though, like I said in the other post, UE is primarily Arena/Small Maps oriented.
Global Illumination is easy too, I'm sure you can get this looking way better than in WoW, in no time.

But personally I can't stand UE4, the UI/UX in general is just god awful, it feels like I'm using something designed to teach children game design, not a solid engine. While I know it's definitely just the UX that puts me off, I can't shake the feeling they've gone into some strange "user friendly" uncanny valley, and it just makes me uneasy to use.

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