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FuTa / Re: [TOOL] FuTa - Adt file manipulation
« on: August 06, 2015, 11:48:41 pm »
i was talking about the version 2 link. i do not have the version 1 binarys anymore.
if anybody still has them please pm them to me so that i can update this thread too

FuTa / Re: [TOOL] FuTa - Adt file manipulation
« on: August 06, 2015, 08:40:49 pm »
Please do not post third party download links here.
axel's link clearly is version 1 because it uses qt4.
Version 2 is based of Qt5.

I repaired the link in the FuTa 2 Mainthread.

Quote from: "megasus"

oh thats some nice stuff. awesome work there!

/neckbeard on
except for the fact that its written in VB :D
/neckbeard off

(doesn't matter that its no mod. in here everything is allowed. even if you sew some new panties for your grandma)

as a side note: the UI looks a bit....improvised? in my opinion most of the time sticking with the platform default design and putting in some neat icons/logos looks better than most custom stuff

Quote from: "iindigo"
Qt is nice, but it comes with a number of drawbacks (as does all cross-platform UI development). What I’ve found from playing with it is that:

- Qt applications will only look good on the platform they’re designed on unless you do a lot of platform-specific tweaks (this drives perfectionists nuts)
- Making sure that Qt is properly linked, cut down, and included with your application on platforms that aren’t Linux can be a pain
- The larger the range of controls and Qt utilities you use, the more the application’s size inflates due to requiring more of Qt to be included
i think the word you are looking for is "bloated" :D everything you said is true. yet, there is no better alternative.
@design thingy: they are currently try to solve this with their own design which is supposed to be consistent over all platforms.

Quote from: "iindigo"
I much prefer doing native front ends when possible. It’s much easier to ensure that the program “just works” on target platforms, the binaries are smaller and lighter (for instance, the debug version of the BLP viewer currently weighs only ~300kb and final will be maybe half of that), and it’s much easier to take advantage of system features (for instance, OS X’s built in automatic file versioning system). For Linux though, Qt is definitely the way to go, no question. GTK+ is a royal mess in comparison and most Linux users have Qt installed already anyway.
i once tried to build sth that uses only native ui systems, after that i gratefully accepted Qt's drawbacks :D
(and yeah GTK+ is a mess -.- )

Quote from: "iindigo"
Anyway, just got “type 3” ARGB BLPs implemented. Palletized is next up, that should be fun…
i implemented that somewhere.......iirc it wasn't as "hard" as it looked at first glance...

Quote from: "iindigo"
Quote from: "Hanfer"
i like that. MAC only i suppose?
For now yes, but I’m planning the shift the inner workings from Obj-C/Cocoa to a stand-alone portable C++ library. It’ll be GPL and will have definitions for individual DBCs hardcoded in, so you’ll be able to hand the library any DBC it has a definition for and it’ll spit out usable information. With that it’ll be trivial to write full-featured native front ends for any platform.

EDIT: More BLP viewer work
-image snip-
i like that even more.
As far as cross platform GUI libs go: Qt is "da shit"
there should be even a blp image plugin (enables qt to read blps directly) floating around somewhere in the interwebs

EDIT: snip image

Quote from: "tehrob"
created my own Mountain Style
Hope u guys like it:
not want to be a dick (again) but to me that looks kinda undefined. yeah maybe even blurry (the black parts).
what i do like is that you have "vegetation zones" like a real mountain does. if you refine these + get rid of the blur im sure it will like pretty dammn awesome.

Quote from: "iindigo"
Tinkering with my DBC editor
i like that. MAC only i suppose?

Quote from: "Met@"
I'm working on some areas for my Gnomeregan rebuild, made with blender.
probably dumb question: these are imported from WMO, aren't they?

Quote from: "TheBuG"
Anyway, I have no idea what your projects could offer us, but keep it up :p.
what do your projects offer to me? nothing. and yet your are invited to write about them here.


And once again: What am i working on?

a lot these days. have 5 or so different projects going on currently.
Since i switch between them on a daily basis there are always just baby steps not really worth writing about. However, here are some things :D


Today i made a small cmake script public that i wrote yesterday.
Residing here it simplifies loading OpenGL functions in a cmake build env.
Its more or less just a port of a already existing lib, but yeah thats what i did today.

WoW Post Processing

Another thing i recently started working on: implementing post processing for WoW.
The idea to archive that is a rather simple: one creates a "proxy" d3d9.dll in which the geometry gets rendered into a texture instead of the screen. Then the picture gets handed over to the post processing code/shader and finally gets displayed.

(proof of concept: the login screen rendered onto a smaller quad)

Most of the "setup" code is done. Only thing left to do is the post processing shader itself.

LUI - Lightweight User Interface

I don't know if its just me but every time i was looking for a decent OpenGL UI library i couldn't find anything suitable.
Either they were bulky as fuck or they were incomplete and barely functional. As cromon had similar thoughts on that subject we decided to team up and build a new lightweight lib.
LUI is still in a really early state (there is no code at all :D ) but we hope we can change that in the next few weeks.
My current prototype however looks _really_ promising  :lol:

more to come.
(yep there are still more projects....)

Quote from: "schlumpf"
As far as I remember, it is possible to replace/remove music for youtube videos online.
yep pretty sure about that, too

Quote from: "Steff"
Thanks bernd for yoir contribution..  Again.

And to all others.  If you find out stuff.  Also add it to the wow dev wiki!
Everyone can get an account.
guilty as charged. finally need to request a account.......

Quote from: "schlumpf"
I tend to tell people how shitty their working environments and tools are. Well, joke 's on me, I guess.
oh i have seen worse.....sublime is a fine piece of software, isn't it?

Quote from: "schlumpf"
Quote from: "TheBuG"

Working on a tutorial for Heightmap creation. For once Hanfer is done with his exam(s) and the obj import in FuTa is functional (if it's possible). Obviously it's still WiP but I'd like to hear if it's easy to understand. I tried making it as noob friendly as I could.

Wow. So, height map creation here means: How to edit ADTs in a better editor than noggit. I really "love" how people keep making processes more complex due to having bad tools. Everything you actually want is a proper brush in Noggit and some undo/redo.
sure it's a "hack", but it's rather easy to do and if it makes people happy why the fuck not. costs me less time than bringing anything simular to noggit. as sad as this is.

humm......i took a sneak peak and wrote a *.obj export for the everything you describe in the first two sections wont be needed at all....
will be like:
export a heightmap with futa.
make changes with <insert tool>.
import heightmap where ever you want.

FuTa / Re: [RELEASE] FuTa 2.0
« on: May 14, 2014, 03:05:15 pm »
Exams are getting closer....
so heightmap import will take some more time.

FuTa / [RELEASE] FuTa 2.0
« on: May 06, 2014, 08:59:30 pm »

FuTa 2.0

[paragraph:20u5juen]recently i was encountered with the fact that FuTa seems to produce slight "shift" when importing alphamaps. After that i sat down to fix that and, yeah, i kinda got carried away and rewrote the file reading/writing since the original one was "sub optimal".

So i threw out the file management and replaced it with a cleaner one. Since im not sure if everything else was really used i did only re implement alphmap import/export. If they are used, please let me know then i will put it in again.

I also moved the source code to github since i think its more comfortable to use.

One more feature request, namely having heightmap import from obj, has already been made and i will try to implement that asap.

Now to the fun part:[/paragraph:20u5juen]


Github Mirror




the transition here looks totally unnatural because of the different types of stone.....maybe try to fill the gap with a texture more similar to the steps.

the texture is way to stretched and repeats itself to much...
plus the black texture looks just weird there....

but all in all it looks pretty good to me....

Quote from: "TheBuG"
Any chance on greyscale heightmap implementation? It's just that it would make it possible to create more detailed environment than is currently possible with Noggit ;).  
erff nope. thats just wrong. the "resolution" of the shades of gray a PC can display is just to low to get anything close to decent results. there wont be more detail at all. there would be less....

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