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Hey there,

I'm a little bit in trouble.
Since I started with noggit I dream of being able to change everything in "my little world".

Of course, this includes your own objects. Over the years I have always put this back because it seemed too complicated and I did not have so much time.

Now I would like to try but of course have direct difficulties.

Mostly I have the difficulties because I have other program versions than the tutorials.

Does anyone know a comprehensive tutorial that structures every step from start to finish, from creating in blender to inserting it in the game?

I tried to follow this tutorial, but unfortunately no more pictures are shown:

Thank you  ;)

Miscellaneous / [Question] WMO trouble with doodads
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:40:05 pm »
Hey there,
I've tried to use some models from BFA or Legion (not sure) from the internet in noggit. I expected the worst and was pleasantly surprised. In it is fine (few textures are missing, but no big deal)

The good new is, if I visit the building inGame, the client didnt crash. But the nasty white/blue boxes are everywhere.

I've searched a little bit and tried this:

Here is the 010 File:

Problem now: After my edit, nothing changed ingame, the boxes are still there..but noggit is closing now after loading the map.

Level Design / [Question] Noggit 3.2 Water Bug
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:52:14 pm »
Hey there,
I'm playing a little bit around and it looks like that noggit cant save different water on the same map. I have created a river that is interrupted by a waterfall. But Noggit only save the lower water (about +-0 high)
It's not even the same ADT.

Any Ideas for me?

General / Use Objects from other Games
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:03:21 pm »
Hi there,

I've a question about the objects which are used in noggit.
It is possible to use some objects from higher versions of world of warcraft. Could there be a way to use models from complete different games?
It should be exactly the same. I'm rly not that good with stuff like blender or 3ds max.

Anyone with experience? Maybe already a tutorial and I just didnt find that?

Noggit / Noggit with ~5 fps
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:00:17 pm »
Hi there,

after a while I'd like to start again with noggit, but as writen in the title I've a big problem with the fps.
I use a Predator gaming laptop, so I guess the performance isn't the problem.

It doesnt matter if noggit is in full window mode or not. I've max 7 fps, most about 3-5.

Anyone got an idea what I could change?

I use the Noggit version "3.1222" for wotlk and also tried "SLD 1.2"

Well guys, the title isn't very useful I think :)
I work atm with some guildhouse scripts, playerhousing, try to combind both and add an open pvp to the whole area. I'll describe my idea now because I've no idea how to explain my problem:

On a custom map there are 4-5 guildareas. Every area is ownend by a different guild. So far, no problem thank to lordpsyan's guildhouse patch  :D
Now, every guildmember can spawn 1-2 guards in their area to protect the whole city. This guard need to be friendly to everyone of guild A, but aggressive to guild B,C...
I've honestly not a little idea how I can handle this. I also tried to find something with google but I don't know what I'm searhing for.

Maybe anyone here has an Idea what I mean and can help :) ?
Would be really great :D

Serverside Modding / [DBC] AreaID doesn't appear ingame
« on: July 23, 2015, 12:39:20 am »
I've created a new continent and created different areas for my map, but for any reason my custom zones not have a ID ingame..they appear as name, but...yeah..picture say it better I think ;)

this are my map.dbc and areatable.dbc, I don't see any mistake...maybe anyone could help me ;)


Level Design / [QUESTION] Green texture and area problem
« on: July 17, 2015, 09:48:26 am »
Most of you will know what I mean ;) I get this strange green textures  on my map.

I don't use any custom textures, just textures from elwynn forrest and one texture from outland..thats all

I've allready found this thread:
But I don't get any solution. Well..maybe because I don't know how to reduce
Turn of effects specular lighting.
or what that means
you need to add the_s textures

other theme, but I post it also here ;)

Any Idea, why the area ID is not displayed ingame? Not just as "name" also as number ;)?

Level Design / [SOLVED] Custom Map instant close
« on: July 15, 2015, 07:32:56 am »'s a little bit embarrassing :)
I like to create a custom continent, like I did many times before. But for any reason it don't work..
I already searched for a tutorial and followed them, don't work. Noggit instantly closed, when I click on my map..
So the map is shown in noggit, but i can't enter it..
I modified the map.dbc, the name in the dbc is the same like the name of my wdt and adts. Both (wdt and adts) are in the right folder (world/maps...)
I really don't get it..what is wrong?
Oh btw, I use the latest noggit version

Yeah I'm little bit confused ;) I try to check if a database entry is 0 or smaller, but I didn't get it..:(

Code: [Select]
QueryResult result = CharacterDatabase.PQuery("SELECT x FROM y WHERE z='%u'", player->GetName());

if (result <= 0)
well...something happen here ;)

Yeah..something like that..but it didn't work..:(

Hey guys,

I try today to set the pvp stat of every player to ffa, when they entered a specific map (9999)
So...I searched some time and, yeah, thats what i tried out..

Code: [Select]
#include "ScriptPCH.h"

class OnMapEnter : public PlayerScript
OnMapEnter() : PlayerScript("OnMapEnter") {}

void OnPlayerEnterMap(Map* map, Player* player)

if (player->GetMapId() == 9999)


void AddSC_OnMapEnter()
new OnMapEnter();

I can compile it, but ingame it didn't work...
Someone an idea ;)?

Serverside Modding / [SOLVED] [C++] Command crashes on usage
« on: June 27, 2015, 08:44:21 pm »
Hey guys ;)

Atm I'm trying to create my own command (trinitycore btw). I just try to say ingame .showaccount (while target any player) and the result should be a text which is in a custom database and linked with the id of the player..
Well, here is my code:
Code: [Select]

{ "showaccount",  rbac::RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_CUSTOMINFO, false, &HandleNewCommand,   "", NULL },

static bool HandleNewCommand(ChatHandler * handler, char const* args)

Player* target;
ObjectGuid targetGuid;
std::string targetName;

QueryResult resulta = CharacterDatabase.PQuery("SELECT Info FROM characterinfo WHERE acc='%s'", targetGuid);

handler->PSendSysMessage("Info: %s", resulta);
return true;

I copied this code from some tutorials, and other scripts together, so i dont wonder that it doesn't work. But it compile fine, just if I type ingame ".showaccount" the server crashed up, but with no error log...just...shutting down or something

someone an idea what I've made wrong?

sorry for my english...thats such a dump language :)

Serverside Modding / [QUESTION][C++] Item spawn npc in few areas
« on: June 10, 2015, 04:07:46 am »
Hey folk :)

i've a little question. I work on something like "gildhousing" and now I try to find a way, how someone (maybe the guildleader) is able to spawn some npcs in his area.
To spawn an npc is not my problem, but i don't like it, if any player can jump around the whole world and spawn in any area some npcs. So i like to find any way to make an "map check", and only in the right map (or better) area, the item works.

Yeah...anyone some ideas :)

I know thats really...imprecise..but maybe someone have a good idea :)

Serverside Modding / [C++][Question] Simpel Bot System
« on: May 03, 2015, 03:37:00 am »
Hey there,

i've tried for hours to write my own simple bot script. For now I'm able to add everyone an pet (like an hunter pet). It works fine, and ich can controle it like an normal pet.
Now i've got some problems.

First, my "pet" didnt accept my custom c++ script. It just use some random spells it have (Some strange "web" and "bite"). So i don't know how to disable these skills and activate my custom script. Or if this is not possible, how i can add more "normal" spells to my pet.

My second problem is the thing, that hunter and warlocks cant control their own pets while they have the custom ones. Is there any way to control more than just one pet?

My third question
Is there an actual "playerbot" script, which is usable with hte latest tc-core? Would be so awesome and helped me a lot.
sry for my bad english. its really late and i'm tired as hell ;)

I've Created my first own WMO in the last few days (wasn't easy btw :D ). So I export my Model as an .3ds and convert it with "MirrorMachineQT" to an .wmo. Well, worked so far and i can see my object in noggit (try to upload a picture). My first Problem is, that it doesn't accept my texture. I applied the texture in 3ds Max and everything went fine. In the render mode I can see the textur.
When I do the wmo and blp in an mpq file and spawn the object in noggit it doesnt show the texture, but it I can see my own wmo in an light grey.
When i try to see the object ingame everything went wrong. The object is there, but i can't see it. It has no texture and is absolut invisible.

If you need anything else to help me, please say which file, or...i don't know ;)

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