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Serverside Modding / Best core for 4.3.4
« on: September 12, 2015, 09:52:33 pm »

I wanted to change to cata in near future and searched for a core supporting it. Mainly I'm doing this to be able to use the better graphics cata supports. Especially water and increased groundeffects draw distance.
I expected tc or cmangos to do so, while they apparently both did at some time it doesn't look like they really want to do it now. I also couldn't find a list of things that worked. Now I'm unsure on what to use.
I don't need a core that supports everything blizzlike, since I'm going to remove most of the game world anyway.
What I want is mainly working classes, spells and the cool pet battle system. :)
Phasing would be very neat too. And ideally the core should read most of the stuff from dbc files, so I don't have to do things twice.
Looking forward to your suggestions. :)


I'm currently trying to get cata adts integrated into my old 3.3.5.
My goal is to port maps like Gilneas/Uldum to the corresponing areas they would belong. I don't want to replace the whole world with cataclyms adts and I think noggit can not edit big alpha adts anyway.

I had success getting the adts back to the old format with saving them in noggit. Not sure here, but I think noggit just falgs it as old alpha when it saves. The problem is, that this way seems to corrupt the alphamaps.

Maybe a compression problem? The maps are mostly fine, they just have some squares that are ... weird.
What I tred to accomplish was to export the alphas from cata and shrink them myself in e.g. gimp, then reimport them. But FuTa doesn't seem to be able to export them from the cata maps (I use those Anthony converted, thanks a bunch btw!) It does however export them from the maps saved in Noggit. But they are already corrupted.

So the question I got now is:
Is there a way/tool to get the cata alphamaps from the adts or maybe a neater way to shrink alphamaps besides saving in noggit? :)
Or maybe someone has a way better idea and understanding of this than me and wants to share her/his wisdom with me. Any help is appreaciated.

Hey guys,

the title pretty much says it.
Is it possible to switch facial features from one race to another?
I read tons of topics about geosets, because I thought the horns are geoset. Sorry if that's wrong, I really have no clue. :/
I just want to create a human with female draenei horns.
As someone with absolutly no idea about model editing I thought... since they can be changed at char creation, maybe they can be attached to other models and I just have to tinker with the dbc files. :)
Although I think this might be just my naive wish and they are probably included in the m2 files, since I was unable to find other models except the main humanfemale.m2.

It would be ok if I could only choose one horn style and "glue" it on the head thought. :) I don't necessarily need it to replace e.g. piercings, if that would make things easier.

Thanks in advance. :D

Noggit / [SOLVED]  World fractured after loading in WoW
« on: October 03, 2011, 11:18:08 am »

after using the latest Noggit (3.263) and creating a completely new map I ran into a strange problem.
Noggit shows everything as it should look like, but ingame it looks like all chunks are randomly mixed together all over the area.
It's hard to describe, so I attached some screenshots.
It may be noteworthy that I'm using cata ground textures from the lost isles for... well everything. But they show up flawlessly ingame, so that might not be a problem.
I also noticed that Strg + S does not save for me, only Strg + Shift + S saves, maybe that caused the problem.
I also tried saving it with and without water, which results in the same problem.

If needed I can provide the adts I used. They were made with Taliis as described in the topic how to create you own maps.

The hills I'm standing on on the ingame shot are those in the background with the ruins on them. I know that for sure, because my map only has this island yet. :)

Miscellaneous / [SOLVED] Need a little help with worgen to human transform
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:27:05 am »

I'm currently working on worgen and goblins on my server.
Actually, I'm pretty much done with my female worgen now, and started making a spell that transforms her into a female human (visually).
For that I copied the existing spell Human Illusion from Caverns of Time 1.
I tweaked it a bit so that it'll break on combat.
Until here everything works like a charm.
My Worgen transforms into human form and the spell breaks as soon as I enter combat.
My only problem is, I want it to be abortable via the buff icon.
But I can only break it when I engange combat. :(
I looked into the AuraInterruptFlags and could not find anything that breaks on rightclicking the buff.
It would be even better if it was abortable via clicking the spell again.
That might be done in the SpellShapeshitForm.dbc.
The entry of this file is in column 110 of Spell.dbc, but there's also the id of my human illusion. Since I spent the last few days working on this I thought inventing the wheel everytime anew is rather inefficient and that someone here might already know about this or can give me a hint in the right direction. :)
Maybe there is a far better way to achieve what I want, which is basically transformation out of combat with the option to cancel it, that I didn't think of already. I'm open for any suggestion.

Thanks in advance! :3

Ok, found it out myself... kinda. :)
I compared the spell to ghost wolf and my spell  had in column #4 -1996488704
and in column #7  7.175E-43. Ghost Wolf had 0 and 0.0. So I switched them and now it works.
Maybe someone encounters the same problem sometime and finds this useful.

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