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Project Y.H.O.O.L. / YHOOL 1% - Spin-off soon playable
« on: May 25, 2017, 09:10:16 pm »
Introduction :

During years, I worked on a big project called Y.H.O.O.L. that you can read about in this subforum. But now I'm working on YHOOL 1%, a spin-off.

Original project banner.

The main reason people knew about YHOOL’s existence was because I spent a lot of time trying to recruit qualified and ambitious developers. Since working with volunteers on something big and innovative is close to impossible, I decided to rethink the project, and make it as simple as possible while retaining its core concept : permanent death. The goal there is to make something playable which can be completed by one man (or with punctual help).


YHOOL 1% :

Main features :
  • Instant lvl 20 - Max lvl 20 (no levelling)
  • Free For All (no faction restriction)
  • Permadeath
  • Rebalanced resurection spells (custom patch needed)
  • No BGs, no Arenas, only world PVP
  • 1 character maximum
  • Starting zone : item vendors, class trainer etc...
  • No easy transportation, you are forced to fight (no teleporting spells, no summoning)
  • No sanctuaries
  • No dungeon finder
Some planned features :
  • Jump to level 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.
  • Outdoor PVE (mobs and bosses).
  • Custom quests, events and rewards which can greatly influence the server and others’ gameplay (like becoming a monster).These features will encourage player interactions.
  • Client modifications (skins, zones, models, spells, and mostly interface stuff). I mention it because on modcraft, we are here for modding mostly ;)
When can you play ?
Open beta starts the 3rd of June (06/03/17).

From the early tests.


Links :

Discord :
Website (same as before but with a specific page) :
Facebook :

Serverside Modding / How to hide selected (enemy) player's buffs ?
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:09:15 pm »
Reposting it in a better subforum (I think)


I would like to hide players' buffs. It means that if you encounter a player, you don't know which buff he has. You should still be able to see your own buffs, and eventually (not required) friendly players' buffs (same faction, same group, same raid). I think it is exactly how it works in Vanilla so I would like to make it similar in WOTLK.

I know there are DBC parameters like these :
   SPELL_ATTR0_HIDDEN_CLIENTSIDE                = 0x00000080, //  7 Spells with this attribute are not visible in spellbook or aura bar
   SPELL_ATTR0_HIDE_IN_COMBAT_LOG               = 0x00000100, //  8 This attribite controls whether spell appears in combat logs
SPELL_ATTR1_DONT_DISPLAY_IN_AURA_BAR         = 0x10000000, // 28 client doesn't display these spells in aura bar

But since I already tested a lot of spells, I suppose these parameters completely hide the buffs, even from the buff owner, which make them very unpractical to use.

Any idea ?

AzerothCore is a core based upon SunwellCore which is based upon TrinityCore.
I'll quickly talk about why custom server developers should use it, especially people with new gameplay ideas as it's often the case on modcraft.
Sorry if it's not well structured or if it's lacking information.

Advantages over TrinityCore

Better for players
It has been mainly worked on by private server developers unlike TrinityCore (many devs there aren't interested by making playable private servers at all). Almost everybody who contributed to AzerothCore runs his own small public server at the moment, so they want as few bugs as possible for their players.
The two developers behind SunwellCore had a server with 3000 players online in January 2016 when they released their code and shut down their server.
The two founders of AzerothCore also worked on their own small private (but public) server.

It translates into a more polished experience for players, less bugs (look at the SunwellCore features), less complaints and a top notch stability. The database is included in the repo (with working dungeons and raids for example).

Custom modules
The core makes use of custom modules which allows us to plug them in and out easily, and which doesn't require us to modify the core files. It also means we can keep pulling the git changes from the main repository if we only work with modules.

Extras features
A better configuration file system which allows us to use a tiny configuration file for better readability and maintenance.
A (very) new feature allowing people to disable some unneeded features to increase the performances.
A script to easily merge all new SQL updates into one without worrying much.
Several custom modules available (such as a Transmogrification module).
Based on TrinityCore, so many things are compatible with AzerothCore or require minimum modifications.
Sunwell team provided custom addons (raid browser and arena spectator) to use as well which should work very well on AzerothCore.
For now, there is no need to extract the client data, it's available as a direct download.

Just found this on google right now : comparison between trinitycore and azerothcore.

The goal is to have a playable server, and to favour custom creation.
This is an explanation of the long term goals of AzerothCore from the founder :


I don't think this issue is taken seriously, but I feel like it's very important to revive the old links from

We all have bookmarks that are now completely dead, there are tons of links on ac-web and several sites that link to the old modcraft which are now completely useless. In top of that, all the links from search engines are lost and it's very very very annoying and bad for the forum.

Here is my partial solution for apache2, if someone can help to make the rewrite rules or correct me if i'm wrong, then do not hesitate :

1) The domain "" needs a new A record in its DNS settings and has to point to your server IP address.

2)a) Then you have to create a second virtualhost file in apache2 similar to the "" one but with the name ""

b) You need to enable mod_rewrite module by typing this "a2en mod_rewrite"

c) In this virtualhost file, you need to create rewrite rules and here are the things I noticed :

Do you see a pattern ?

viewforum.php?f=103      ==========>       index.php?board=103.0
viewforum.php?f=      ==========>       index.php?board=
103   ======> 103.0

viewtopic.php?t=9821=51800    =============>   index.php?topic=9821.msg51800
viewtopic.php?t=             =================>       index.php?topic=
9821=51800        ==================>    9821.msg51800
view ====> index.php

--------- I hope it will be done at some point, I think it's a priority and maybe I am the only one.
But if you wait too long, you will lose all the SEO and direct links from google.

Project Y.H.O.O.L. / Recruitment
« on: April 11, 2016, 07:03:12 pm »


1 How to apply ?

To apply, you simply have to fill the form here.

2 Primary positions

2.1 Gameplay developer (server side - C++)

Work and improve the main gameplay systems.
Examples :
  • Player looting.
  • Hide player names, guild tags, and other informations (server side).
  • YHOOL bank (account linked bank).
It requires a lot of experience with C++.

2.2 PVE developer (server side - C++)

Imagine, balance and program simple to midly complex boss encounters.
Examples :
  • Solo player bosses (few) - may depends on the class.
  • 5-15 players bosses.
  • 40 players bosses (few).
  • Adapt low level dungeon bosses to level 80.
It requires creativity, good WOW knowledge and good C++ knowledge (though less than a gameplay developer).

2.3 Gameplay developer (client side - Lua, C++)

Work and improve the main gameplay systems.
Examples :
  • Hide player names, guild tags, and other informations (client side).
  • Tweak interface for our custom features.
  • Create custom addons to fit the server side work (more infos in private).
  • Block specific Lua functions (used by addons).
It requires very good knowledge of Lua, XML, C++ and eventually hex editing.

2.4 Web developer

Work on the website and forum backend.
Examples :
  • Rewrite the entire website using a widespread framework (for easier maintenance).
  • Program classic stuff such as registering, backoffice, votepoints system etc...
  • Add new systems linked to ingame stuff (showing characters’ names on the forum account for example).
  • Work on a myBB custom module.
It requires PHP, JS, JQuery, HTML, CSS.

3 Which kind of profiles are required for Y.H.O.O.L. ?

This project has the potential to become a real revolutionary game as it happened with DayZ but it is very complex to achieve. That’s why most people won’t fit.

3.1 Ambitious

I’m looking for ambitious people, those who have no more time to waste and who are eager to accomplish something. It’s a serious project.

3.2 Self-learner

Y.H.O.O.L. needs self-learning programmers because what we work on is original and, sadly, can’t be learnt with a tutorial. It requires you to have a pioneer mindset.

3.3 Dedicated/motivated

Y.H.O.O.L. is a long term project, so if you want to join, keep that in mind. If you’re looking to spend 1 month on something because you’re bored with your life, don’t apply.
It also requires to have some free time at your disposal.

3.4 Experienced/serious

I’m looking for experienced people who know themselves, those who know what they can do or cannot, those who know their qualities but also their weaknesses, and those who are confident in their capabilities.

Much more information about recruitment here.

Project Y.H.O.O.L. / Progress
« on: April 08, 2016, 09:07:49 pm »
Some features are not completed yet or must be kept secret for now, so not everything will be shown.

1 Videos

Features shown there are not in their final state and do not necessarily reflect the technical complexity of YHOOL. It's still a work in progress. These videos are made for players first and foremost.
More videos will be made but that's not a priority at the moment.

1.1 Permanent death

This video is made for the players as it doesn't show much. The feature will be polished, with a death screen and other tweaks.

1.2 Full loot/player looting

The feature will be polished, with better looking game objects and other tweaks. It's also prone to bugs so a lot of things can't be shown, but I might explain them later on.

1.3 More to come

More videos will be posted later on.

2 Screenshots

Features shown there are not in their final state and do not necessarily reflect the technical complexity of YHOOL. It's still a work in progress.

2.1 Custom zone 1, ideal for world PvP - Arathi style

This vanilla-looking zone has a lot of relief, and the landscape is quite varied, so it's ideal for world PvP. It's not complete.

2.2 More to come (features, or zones)

More screenshots will be posted later on.

3 Text

Full loot/player looting additional infos
If you are resurrected before your spirit is released, you have to loot your gear manually (it's made on purpose). You can loot all the items, even the mount. There might be an increased casting time to loot the game objects.

Project Y.H.O.O.L. / Y.H.O.O.L.'s presentation
« on: April 08, 2016, 08:13:17 pm »

Project’s presentation

1 What is Y.H.O.O.L. ?

Y.H.O.O.L. is a free World of Warcraft private server with a more realistic approach in its gameplay (sandbox-like).
It’s not a simple server with a twist, but rather a new way of playing World of Warcraft and even more, a new way of playing MMORPGs.
The expansion used is Wrath of the Lich King, version 3.3.5a.

2 Features

Main features are :
  • One life only - permanent death. This will bring political struggles on the table.
  • No factions (Free For All) - everybody can be killed. Beware of betrayals.
  • Players’ corpses can be looted (full loot PvP).
  • World PvP only.
  • World/outdoor PvE.
  • Players can store a very limited amount of items, retrievable after the death of their character.
  • Much more freedom (less limiting systems/scripts, less farming...).
  • Much more realism and depth (no more names upon players’ head and several other features).
  • No ingame rules, it’s the law of the jungle. You can make a name for yourself (remember Vanilla legends ?).

3 What makes Y.H.O.O.L. unique and exciting ?

If you have already read the main features above and have a wide knowledge of video games, you might already picture why this server is unique.
To sum it up : it features permanent death and full loot PvP combined, which is almost never seen in MMORPGs since you are supposed to invest time into your character. The gameplay will be based on player interactions and not on a static content (PVE). All the features will put emphasis on sociability, an aspect that disappeared with most theme park MMOs, and will permit a lot of freedom for an incredible complexity/depth and constant renewal of the gameplay.

4 Goal of this project

This server is first and foremost an experiment on how to bring a real permanent death (permadeath) MMORPG to life, in all its aspects :

Gameplay/game design - Renew the MMORPG genre, appeal to hardcore players with lots of time at their disposal but also those who can only play casually (like me). Players are scared by such a (hardcore) concept since they are used to simple, and non-challenging games, games without any risk and as a consequency, without reward aswell.

2. Technical - Find solutions to permadeath with lags, hackers, crashes, rollbacks, multiple accounts etc...

3. Economical - Nobody wants to invest any money into a character that has great chances to be deleted (once deleted, it is gone for ever, you can't buy an ankh). Therefore, is it viable economically ? The most widespread answer is “no”, so the goal is to turn it into a “yes”, not to make lots of benefits. The money will be reinvested into the server and the team.

So, the aim is not to gather 50 or 100 players (which is the usual result of any custom server), but rather 1000, 1500 or more, like a blizzlike server, and keep them entertained for years. As daring as it seems, it is very possible if everything is planned and well thought/analysed.

Recruitment / Y.H.O.O.L. | UNIQUE SERVER | Recruiting [UPDATE 6]
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:57:09 pm »

Read these pages if you are interested :

Give up on your youth projects and join Y.H.O.O.L. :)

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