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Title: [Question] Artifact Trait Talent Tree in 3.3.5
Post by: Hunzo on January 12, 2019, 01:05:50 am
Hey Everyone!

I was wondering if it is possible or not.
I am willing to create a talent tree for artifact weapons just like in Legion, but unfortunately I don't know how to start it (is it xml/lua editing mainly?) the function itself, that when you right-click on the artifact weapon itself you are gonna open a "Weapon Talent Tree" system to talent it too? Is that even possible?
I was trying to add different spells just by inserting them into Item_template.DB but that can only contain 5 different spells and makes the whole weapon pathetic because of the 5 spells appear underneath it so the Weapon screen itself becomes huge :/...
Please if you have any ideas how to start this project, what to focus on/start learning - advise me!

Thank you in advance!