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Title: [3.3.5 TC] Add new classes for races and new races
Post by: modnerv on January 14, 2018, 07:32:57 pm

I would like how to add races (like worg/gob/pandarens) and how to enable the fact that, for example, gnome can be priest?

Thanks :)
Title: Re: [3.3.5 TC] Add new classes for races and new races
Post by: Alpha on January 26, 2018, 05:33:04 am
This worked fine for me: (
Title: Re: [3.3.5 TC] Add new classes for races and new races
Post by: Hunzo on January 11, 2019, 11:33:05 pm
To create "nonstandard combination of Races and Classes" is simple!

Let me share it with you, cause I have just finished it myself too.

You will need to edit the followings:
CharBaseInfo.dbc file
PlayercreateInfo.DB file (in Mysql)
Player_levelstats.DB file (in Mysql)
Player_createinfo_spell.DB (in Mysql)
Player_create_action.DB (in Mysql)

If you edit these , there should not be any problem.
Short description: (Write me privately to explain it step by step if u don't understand something!)
1.CharBaseInfo.DBC determines Races/Class Combos

2.Player_create_info does the same but in Mysql database and you can set different spawn location with the coordinates and the map id.

3. Player_levelstats determines which stat of the nonstandard class should get level by level. If u accept my advice just simply copy the already existing templates so it could be faster.

4. Player_createinfo_spell - this is the point when it gets a bit more complicated.
Your custom new class wont have the basic abilities (racials etc.) it should already have. (Arcane Affinity etc.)
So u have to determine in this DB what to have. But take a good look, cause here you have to use ClassMask and Racemask IDs not Class and Race IDs (so the bit value form - for example : bloodelf which race id is 10 , racemask here is 512!) and if u want to allow for multiple races the same ability/spell or whatever you have sum them!
Don't forget that for example if u create Bloodelf Warrior, like I just did, and u edit player_createinfo_spell to provide Belf Warrior the Arcane Torrent Ability that ability wont give u rage! :D (you have to create or edit the spell to provide you rage, cause the Player_createinfo_spell is using different spells for all specific classes related to their source of power.

5. Playercreate_action is just about what spells should be placed out to your actionbars when u log in! (like auto attack, arcane torrent, and 2 class spells i think)
This is not that important just an option but ;) we are working to get it perfect!

I hope it helped you!

Keep me Updated about your progress!
Trust me, it should take like 1 hour maximum to get these done and working!

ID   Value   Name
1   1   Human
2   2   Orc
3   4   Dwarf
4   8   Night Elf
5   16   Undead
6   32   Tauren
7   64   Gnome
8   128   Troll
9   256   Goblin (4.x)
10   512   Blood Elf
11   1024   Draenei
12   2048   Fel Orc
13   4096   Naga
14   8192   Broken
15   16384   Skeleton
16   32768   Vrykul
17   65536   Tuskarr
18   131072   Forest Troll
19   262144   Taunka
20   524288   Northrend Skeleton
21   1048576   Ice Troll
22   2097152   Worgen (4.x)
24   8388608   Pandaren Neutral (5.x)
25   16777216   Pandaren Alliance (5.x)
26   33554432   Pandaren Horde (5.x)

ID   Value   Name
1   1   Warrior
2   2   Paladin
3   4   Hunter
4   8   Rogue
5   16   Priest
6   32   Death Knight (3.x)
7   64   Shaman
8   128   Mage
9   256   Warlock
10   512   Monk (5.x)
11   1024   Druid
12   2048   Demon Hunter (7.x)