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Showoff - what you are working on / Re: [VIDEO] Coffee Induced Dreams
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:28:19 pm »
Amazing! The "Fear is the mind killer" part was especially great. Big congrats on your dedication, I'm happy you did commit and released a finished video. Too bad it didn't get more attention, I'm sure it could get a whole lot more if promoted just a little bit!

Resources and Tools / Re: [Qustion] 010 template
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:06:58 pm »
I couldn't find info on this at the time when I worked on this a while back, but you can find a possible structure here: ... nks/MCLQ.h

This is pure guessing and is probably partly wrong, but the water height fields seemed accurate and worked for an all-water patch.
Here is the compiled tool: ... ttools.exe

This is a command line tool. Just run it without arguments to get help about usage.

Resources and Tools / Re: [HELP] Copywater for expansion maps
« on: February 14, 2015, 08:50:31 pm »
I still have the sources of copyMCLQ on my computer somewhere, if you want to send me your adt files too maybe I can try to fix the program for you and release the alpha version :D

Level Design / Re: [Noob] Looking for an alternative to Taliis
« on: April 09, 2013, 01:40:32 pm »
About the MFBO issue, did you drag the adt's in the exe? Just running the exe wont fix Noggit itself.
(I realize this was really lacking instructions so I added some in the topic and in the archive)

About textures, I hardly think you can recover them at this point, and I'm not aware of any tools that would allow you to copy textures from the original adt's. Maybe I could help you later with this if you didn't find any solutions soon :>

You're quite hard to convince, I dont know how much proof you need xD Just try with pvpzone02_30_31 for example, it has MCLQ chunks but no HM2O. Maybe proofs if you'd want, using 010 editor :

No MH2O offset in the header -> No MH2O chunk.

SizeLiquid = 812 in some MCNK chunks -> There are MCLQ chunks. (else it's always 8)

Using copy water will give you :

(no "similar" there)
Because, as it says, it's only for MH2O. At this point if you're still convinced it's for MCLQ too, I'll just stop trying to persuade you x) Maybe you're using it for ages, it probably works perfectly for what it's supposed to do, that doesn't change my statement.

You're wrong, I assure you that your first link (which is the same as posted above in this topic) does only MH2O. The "No water in ADT! (Only works for ADT with MH2O!)" message is from this one. Furthermore it will only uses LK files to extract original water.
And again the MH2O is for LK+ and was not present in BC (see here, and I can tell you it's true), the BC client doesn't parse it. But that's a detail.

My "problem" was that of any tools I could find here could be use to copy MLCQ chunks, so I did my own. Or if there is any, I couldn't find it. All the tools you linked are for mh2o only.

Ew, indeed, i'm sorry to have overreacted.
But unless there are multiple CopyWater versions, it explicitly says it's only for MH2O.
The adt chunks I'm working on have only MCLQ chunks and I get : "No water in ADT! (Only works for ADT with MH2O!)"

I know there's that tool for that already, but since it only works with MH2O I needed to have another one in complement, because there is still LK adt's using MCLQ chunks (Most in Azeroth?).
Plus I wanted to be able to choose precisely from which file I copy the water, instead of having to restart LK every time I want to use it to update the registry path (since im working on BC and the tool wont work for it).

And the MH2O chunk wasn't present yet on BC. BUT WHATEVER. Maybe next time... really that discourages of sharing.

I dont actually know wich one is used in Orgrimmar but, I wouldnt have posted it if it just does exactly the same as copyWater.

Im currently writing some tools to work on adt's, it's currently very messy so i'm not gonna release the sources yet but, here is already a tool to copy the MCLQ chunks (the water chunk before LK) from an adt to another. Make backups first, it's really an alpha version :D And it is not meant to only change that part so, it reads and re write the whole file, it may fuck other things up.
Usage : copyMCLQ <target adt file> <source adt file>
ex : copyMCLQ pvpzone02_30_31.adt orig/pvpzone02_30_31.adt
I suggest making a batch to easily re apply water after every noggit edit. Hope it can help :>

Resources and Tools / Re: [TOOL] 3ds to WMO
« on: March 31, 2013, 11:57:35 pm »
If it could help with debugging, about missing polygons, I noted it seemed to only appears at open edges, I fixed these one by one by correctly "closing" the model.

Often it's 2 vertices one above the other, the model then look "closed" but if you move one, you can see it's not (as shown in pics)

Noggit / Re: [BUG] "Outland" Camera Issue.
« on: January 05, 2013, 06:32:06 am »
For some reason Noggit sometimes screw up the MFBO data.

Maximum is written instead of minimum and vice versa, I wrote a tool wich fix this because I was bored to restart Noggit and resave everytime. (based on Snoman work, source included)
Just drag adt's in the exe (you can drag them all at once). You'll probably want to make a .bat which will automate this to run it after every noggit edit.

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