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Hello, Im new to the forums, saw some great potential stuff here and some mods that i use myself.
I appreciate all your work made to improve the classic game experience.
but I wanted to bring this to the community, specially people who work on texture packs.

Its an AI-generated HD Image Converter, it takes low resolution images and complex algorhythms to enhance it.
Its a VERY TAXING process, but with it, you could make very high quality version of original textures, bringing them to HD resolutions without losing the original feeling and aesthetic of the textures.
Im not very sure how it functions but the post linked below should give you a quick rundown,some people are already using it to convert backgrounds of old RPG games with pre-rendered CG backgrounds
 i thought it´d be interesting to share, it has a lot of potential to re-texture Azeroth without losing the original feeling of it.

Theres more info here and some examples.

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