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Downloading a full patched 6.2.4 Client in any language

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Mr. DK:
Hello, Modcraft

Today I want to write a small tutorial on how to download a full client with the help of your battlenet launcher.
This client is 100% done and will not try to download any additional Files.
It is ready to hop into Modding right away.

Step 1:
Goto and register there. This site provides you with everything you need.

Step 2:
Goto and note down your IP.
Go back to and hit Settings in the top right corner.
Enter your IP address in the Settings.

Step 3:
On (top bar Overrides) adjust your settings as seen on screen below:

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE!

Step 3:
Close your launcher if its running!
Goto the place where your launcher has installed your Warcraft and rename the Folder.

Step 4:
Follow the instructions on the right side. They should probably look something like this:
Don't start your Launcher YET!

Step 5:
Open your command console and type:
ipconfig /flushdns
Hit enter.

Step 6:
Start your launcher and you will see that you can now install World of warcraft.
Normally install WoW as if you want to play on live server.
Don't mind the Launchers look it will download the correct version.
Wait until its 100% downloaded. (Don't hit play)
If you get any errors during this step simply restart your launcher and download.

Step 7:
Enjoy your full WoD Client. (Make sure to copy it somewhere else so that the Launcher wont mess it up again)

Q: How do I get my launcher to work normal again?
A: Revert Step 4

Q: How do I check if my versions correct?
A: Goto the place your launcher is downloading to and right click your exe once it has shown up. Under the Details Tab it shows you the game Version.

Q: Can I use this method to download other versions aswell:
A: Yep.

Special Thanks goes to: - The Owner of this site who ever he may be!
Luzifix - Thanks for showing me how it works!

Thank you for writing an introduction (+1)

I have done all the steps (window 10) but BNET always download the version 7.3.

Has something changed?

PD: I need esES version of WOD

Mr. DK:
Have you changed your hostfile as said in step 4 and have you hit save after you did step 3

Sorry for the delay, i was out of home.

Yes, i do all of that on my PC and other PC's (with window 10). Not working, all the time it tries to download official version. It's really weird, i repeat the process a lot of times.

Bnet close. IPV4 saved. Version add to the override. IP on Host.

Nothing, same problem. ┬┐Meaby it's a problem with OS o bnet version?.

PD: I see version in the wow.exe when appears on directory.


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