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Resources and Tools / WoW Modding Tools Cloud Storage
« on: November 26, 2020, 10:09:53 pm »
This topic will be a bit different I dont have an exact files to download right here rather Im comming with a link to an online cloud storage where I have uploaded my tools that I have gathered or made myself for wow modding so with the exception for some of them that I lost due some HDD crashes 7 years ago tools are going to be
hosted on online cloud service from MEGA 

Thanks to this you can now access the tools from anywhere and download only the tools you would like to and nothing else ( or just grab them all anyway)
The link provided will be continualy updated as long as ill be able to give it newest tools made and resources that Im using for wow modding


Also link to the original thread with additional info:

Random / Its me or ?
« on: June 03, 2016, 03:39:50 am »
Am I the only one or this quotes always fucks up whole page frame ?

maybe someone could stop that insta quoting right below quoted post

Resources and Tools / [RELEASE:WotlK] Edited WoW.exe 10th generation
« on: October 06, 2015, 06:26:46 pm »
Another version of Patched wow.exe

This version has
- Removed MD5 / SIG
- Druid on level 101+ get NO error when opening Base Stats
- Every level 101+ can sit on barb Chair without Error

- Allows Air Jumps at all time
- You understand to every lang
- /follow works simply on everysingle target no matter what target

PS : iv been testing it at some randoms server that were protected by warder and no ban / kick so it looks like warden has no idea wtf is going on

<!-- m -->!zJICVCxb!CLb_LVQXydNL ... iJEDm3UAls<!-- m -->

Basicaly i just compared all edited Exes ( i had 3. of them ) and diferences throwed to one file
thanks to all that invented that hex edits so i could place them all together

You know what ?
* just my selfish posts down here *

Here is my work :? i hope you like it ...
and if you dont ? wtf u du here ?

These are characters i will add some static models too                     later ....

Rime Etere

Alythess Strix'Efuartus

Rhazana "Razh" Mortess Gamaron

Sarah Kerrigan

Recruitment / Offering my (3D)skill for money
« on: September 12, 2015, 09:01:05 pm »
Greetings * let the toll begin *

 i guess you all know me from this site
*for new commers im working mainly with 3D

What is this about ... about money !
I want to offer my skill for whoever will need it in client side range and mainly for m2 models
I can work with ...
ObjToM2 to create static models
M2 redux to craete new models or edit actualy one with its animations of base model
Noggit works too ( i dont do it so offten but i can )

i can do most of Client side modding that is normaly required
I do not stop at anything

You know my skype im available all time

česky / A2 - Podrobnější informace o formátu M2
« on: September 12, 2015, 07:55:38 pm »

Tak jsem po krátké přestávce zpět s další částí "vysvětlování" ani nevím čeho prostě vysvětluji co mě napadne a nemám ani pořádnou konstruktivní představu jak Ama že to má hezky popořadě a přehledně :D za to se omlouvám že rozvrhovat text moc neumím

Dneska se budeme věnovat jak jinak než M2 formátu
minule jsem vysvětlil jak jej vytvořit ale ještě jej pochopit že ? to je druhá věc já jej taky ještě plně nechápu ale něco málo o něm vím a tady to je


* omlouvýám se za muziku nečekal jsem že je tak nahlas *

česky / A1 - Tvorba vlastních M2 modelů
« on: September 09, 2015, 09:56:35 pm »

(Pokud vás nebaví čtení klidně rovnou skočte na Video jelikož nic důležitého stejně nenapíši až na potřebné programy )

Jak Amaroth hezky nadhodil vytváření návodů tak i já jsem měl nějaké své Tutoriálky nic méně jsou v angličtině a tak jsem si řekl že bych taky zkonstruoval něco pro Českou část světa pokud je moje nic moc anglična nerajcuje

Ve velké většině se bude jednat o video ve kterém vše popíšu za běhu

Takže co bude potřeba ... většina nářadí co se užívá je obsažena v Amarothově balíku se softem tedy řekněme že jej máte tak si z něj vytáhneme především automaty a hlavním z nich bude
( pokud budete mít problém s DLL knihovnou tak se ozvěte můžu jí zde vyvěsit ale to jen v případě že jí nemáte což by v běžném aktualizovaném prostředí WIN 7 [Pracuji pod WIn 7 k jinému systému vám moc neřeknu ] nemělo nastat )

Takže pro rekapitulaci mnou užívané programy jenž jsou nezbytné nebo dosti klíčové a proto je doporučuji

Potřebný software

- OBJtoM2.exe - důležitý program pro převod OBJ formátu do M2
- Editor Bitmapových obrázků já mám ZONER
- 010 Editor + M2 Template - tahle sranda bude sloužit k k přímé editaci modelů
- notepad ++ - Velice užitečný leč pokročily textoví editor


Syntaxe parametrů pro OBJ_to_m2 ( užití v CMD )

Spoštěný program ; název modelu pro konverzi ; výstupní název modelu po konverzi ; textůra
příklad: ObJtoM2.exe untitled.obj Name WORLD

Stránky kde se dají modely volně stáhnout či koupit :

Dále bych doporučil tuhle stránku kde naleznete struktůru M2 souborů

"Retro-Porting" / [QUESTION] Spell DBCs from CATA
« on: June 19, 2015, 11:54:38 pm »
Hi there
Iv been asked for conversion of Worgen Racials like running wild and two forms to LK so... i have WOD client only thank to Anthony ( via his soft that he introdused to me )

but i need Cataclysm DBCs for spells beacuse there is diferent structure between wod na LK but between cata and LK its not so big ... ( i guess i did not even checked that :D )

so if could somone upload me here Cata DBCs for spells ( ALL of them Please i dont want to bother you with sorting them or asking for some dbc that was not sent )


"Retro-Porting" / [QUESTION] New Ship models from 6.2.x
« on: June 12, 2015, 05:27:39 pm »
Hi there iv seen that in 6.2 are comming new ship models well hoever if WMO or M2 could someone post them here as soon as possible ? i would like to start with conversion and use them for my server and i can also release them here when ill be done ( if i convert them as one of the firsts)

"Retro-Porting" / [QUESTION] ITEMDISPLAYINFO.dbc from MOP
« on: May 28, 2015, 12:44:43 pm »
Hi there ....

Could anyone upload for me an ItemDisplayInfo.dbc from Lastest MOP patch since im not able to track clearly items by Displayinfo from WoWhead ( exactly since WOD came out ) all i cna do now is just update my DBC and try to figure out how to read in displayinfo from WOD but thats little bit .... ffs i have no idea how ...
But MOP dbc is still using old structure so i can read it perfectly without problemo

« on: April 12, 2015, 05:00:14 am »
So ..... as Topic says ?

Could it be possible for me to change name of my Modcraft ACC here ?

FROM = " dahaga "
TO = " Alastor "
thank for every reply ... yeah and 1. more thing if you dont want to change it you dont need to explaing reasons i actualy dont care so much about them

Showoff - what you are working on / [RELEASE] Another lame cars
« on: April 12, 2015, 04:53:11 am »
so since i have no use for those i release them do with it whatever you want just dont forged who is author when you try to leach them for you own profit ......

so i gotta here some modely that i animated for car mounts its right now swamped with some mounts that are already ingame like spectra tiger , pvp rifding raptor , magic rooster , etc ....


in the ned i would like to say thank to PhantomX and PhiliTNG since only thank to both of them i was able to learn with M2mod Redux in such way that i was able to create those cars

Resources and Tools / [TOOL] ListFile Editor 0.4 last update 7.4.2015
« on: March 03, 2015, 08:22:39 pm »

LisFile Editor

 "wrote by me in Visual Basic"

Listfile Editor is deleting...
- exact lines from your ListFile by extensions
- paths of files that arent used by WoW so for example PNG ( may throwed to patch by mystake)
- empty rows

How to use 0 to 100 PRO style ( from noob to Pro ) :
1. load listfile
2. Check Extension that you want to delete from listfile
3. hit "Delete Selected Extension"
4. wait until popup message show up that says " Overflow deleted"

-you can use Mark button to mark everything
- click at header of group to select whole group
( example >> to selecting M2;SKIn;WMO;BLP you have to click on "3D" header )

Sorry my voice was not recorded

Miscellaneous / Cheat Engine "u do dis"
« on: September 06, 2014, 09:18:07 pm »
Hi there i was messing up with Cheat engine evne in WoW for some time and there isnt any secret taht WoW will not start when is CE up well now such problem when can start 1. WoW 2. CE but now its seem that i cant start WoW even if is CE off ? ... uhm i expect that WoW will start working after i reset PC ... nevermind

(one funny question you ned to restart client not dat PC i did dis many times but now it seem .... facked up i rly need to reset PC :D)
My question is if there is any chance to shut protection in wow.exe to alow me start WoW when is CE On

Miscellaneous / [SOLVED] 5.4.2 WoW.exe MD5 deleted = Error ?
« on: August 27, 2014, 06:51:30 pm »
Hi there ... that not importaint for me but im still confused why is this happening so ....

im just for fun playing on Mop Server i dotn care about Cata/Mop Edits but when Darkvexen released Wod Hufs i wanted to have a look at them in my MoP client so ... i Downloaded exact WoW.exe without MD5 protection to allow my WoW load those custome Patches and result was

Code: [Select]
Data/enUS/wow-update-enUS-17325.MPQ: Cannot stream required archive data. Please check your network connection. For more information, see:
in dat wow-update-enUS-17325.MPQ are only some DBCs and FrameXML files

Well ... i see this for first time ... havy anybody idea ?

My Client is full version of Mop ( not dat version that is downloading only requied files while ur playing )
Its 5.4.2 - 17688 86x and thats the version of Edited exe that i downloaded .. so from my side ? i dont have any idea

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